Fall 2015 Conference Materials

Building your framework for a Title IX Investigation, Julia Dunn 


     Title IX Investigation Worksheet

Approaches to dealing with stalking and dating violence, Kami Schiller & Melva Buyer


Lunch and Association Meeting



Navigating an OCR campus visit, Julia Dunn, Jennifer Kubista, and Stephanie Whaley

     OCR Boilerplate letter re: Sexual Assault

It's never too early (or too late) to start the conversation, Nikki Finnestead

The intersections of FERPA, Title VII, and Title IX, Kelly Drew Folger

Student on student sexual harassment and violence at the K12 level, Jennifer Kubista & Sam Reed

Athletics and Title IX at the K12 level, Jennifer Kubista


     Middle School Participation

     High School Participation

Type of offenders, Stephanie Whaley

T for Transgender: Gender identity, Title IX & legal protections for transgender students, Mallory Sullivan & Kristen Hennessey

     Students' Rights: Gender expression and identity

     Policy 3211

     Procedures 3211

Legal Mandates for K12 through Higher Education, Paula Barran, Rhosetta Rhodes, and Mallory Sullivan